Gay Fun: Japan’s Taste for Gay Anime

To me, it always feels like everything in Japanese culture is cool. Cool design, clothes, music, TV and even porn. Japanese meme, Yaranaika Guy, is the ultimate in gay manga cool, which has withstood the test of time, unlike other internet viral characters. He’s been around for years and I understand why; I do find it hard to resist that hunky character in a manly mechanics overalls, luring me with the way he asks; “Do you wanna do it?” his signature proposal. As cheesy a gay chat up line as it sounds, it works for me.

Yaranaika Guy comes from the Kuso Miso Technique images created by Junichi Yamagawa, who was responsible for starting one of Japan’s first gay mags back in the 80’s. Even though gay and transvestite celebrities were big on Japanese TV, Japanese media as a whole did not acknowledge serious topics affecting the gay community at that time, such as Aids and sexual health.

There’s an icon considered the live action version of Yaranaika Guy. Gay porn star Billy Herrington breathes life into the meme. You might have seen him in porn flicks like HotMenCoolBoyz, but now he pops up regularly in the Japanese cartoon style which has caused him become an internet sensation, affectionately referred to as “Aniki” meaning “Big Brother”. I’m guessing “big” is not just referring to his muscles!

At a recent Nico Nico Douga event inChiba,Japan, Herrington struck a pose on a real version of the famous and much-loved anime Saber Motorcycle.

Nico Nico Douga is the trendy Japanese video sharing site that can take some credit for helping Herrington achieve his meme status, by circulating video mash-ups by his fans. His followers can get their hands on their idol, by snapping up one of the action figure dolls and probably get into some crazy behaviour like getting tucked in bed with the toy at night while fantasising about the real thing! I think I’ll stick to my Billy Herington mouse mat thanks!

Gay Next Door: Darren Criss Hots Up Glee

Worldwide TV hit Glee has a new gay kid on the block: Blaine, played by swoonsome 24-year-old actor Darren Criss. Since his debut performance, Criss has become an overnight gay sensation. Not hard to see why! His amazing photo shoot and cover interview in the March edition of OUT magazine has got the gay chat team in a flap…

Ok, we adore Glee’s fierce gay diva Kurt; as far as gay characters on the box go he’s one gay we’re proud to have flying the flag. But it’s the dreamy Blaine that gays from Hackney to Hollywood are falling head over heels for. In an interview with OUT Darren Criss and Glee creator, Ryan Murphy talk about Glee and the importance of having gay characters like Blaine on TV.

Being straight and playing such a high profile gay role, Criss says he feels it’s important to show he’s absolutely at ease playing a gay character: “I think it’s more empowering to everybody, including myself, if I’m articulate about identifying myself as a straight male playing a gay character. Ultimately, that’s more powerful for both communities.”

Being raised in San Francisco and involved in musical theatre from an early age, Criss says he grew up surrounded by gay men, and feels the cool part about being involved in Glee is that he was “inadvertently raised by the gay community” – enhancing his role as America’s newest out and proud gay character.

The question on every gay Glee fan’s lips though is: will Blaine and Kurt get it on? They have to, don’t they?

Murphy teasingly remains tight lipped: “It’s my job as showrunner to keep them apart as long as possible. When that moment comes – if it comes – I want to treat that relationship like we treat all the other relationships on the show. I want it to be flawed and as exposed as everyone else’s.”

Read the full interview at The March 2011 print edition of OUT is out now.

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Harry – Prince for a Gay

He may only be third in line for the throne, but when it comes to gay fantasies Prince Harry is king dong.

Following a cheeky kiss with a fella for a Stella only last November, the young Prince has become one of Google’s most searched-for male celebrities. And it’s no secret that it’s gay men Harry gets in a right royal flush.

Topless photos of the 25 year old have become one of Googles top searches, and it seems Harry has another gay fetish covered: “Red hair is getting very, very trendy on the gay scene,” says Haydon Bridge, a columnist with U.K.-based gay magazine QX.

Recent pics of the royal lieutenant playing football and sporting a six pack have been an internet search favourite with gay men. And a killer-smile-bad-boy-reputation has only added to Harry’s gay pin up perfection.

The Prince has come along way since his bust-ups with the paparazzi and a Nazi fancy dress blunder that shocked his family and sparked world-wide outrage.

In 2006, inspired by his mother’s charity work for AIDS sufferers, he set up a charity, Sentebale, with Prince Seeiso of Lesotho Africa to help vulnerable children, particularly those orphaned as a result of HIV and AIDS.

Last week he visited the Caribbean where his appearance at a polo match in Barbados helped raise $100,000 for earthquake victims in Haiti. He also visited the Queen Elizabeth II Children’s hospital where he met and cuddled patients.

It’s been reported that Harry will be promoted to the rank of Captain this May, which will put him on equal footing with his brother Prince William. Both are currently in training to be helicopter pilots.

Next week, in a first for the Royal Family, he is expected to attend The Brits – along with another gay icon, Lady GaGa.

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by Gary Cosby

Eminem bows to gay pressure for Hyde Park show

Ten years ago the world was quite a different place when it came to discrimination – particularly in regards to bigotry aimed at sexual preferences.

As a music genre Rap is littered with what many would term misogynist and homophobic lyrical content. As the world changes such blatant discrimination is no longer being tolerated – at least by the gay brigade.

Although not retracting the anti-gay content in his lyrics, rap star Eminem has bowed to pressure from gay rights activists and will be omitting offensive anti-gay references during his forthcoming UK appearance.

The face off between the star, real name Marshall Bruce Mathers III, and gay rights group OutRage! came soon after Mathers expressed interest in the offer to appear at Wireless Festival. The music event, owned and managed by Live Nation, is held yearly in London’s Hyde Park and attracts tens of thousands of fans over several days.

Organisers feared picketing by OutRage! could spell disaster for both the event and Eminem’s performance and have since received assurance from Mathers that anti-gay lyrics will not be used during his show.

It’s not the first time the two have met. In 2001 OutRage! demonstrated outside venues throughout Mathers UK tour. Eminem has not performed in the UK since, apart from a secret show in Islington in 2004.

OutRage! spokesman David Allison said: “We have a condition that he does not use lyrics that encourage or incite hatred against gay people.

“He is free to express his views on gay people, as long as he stays off the violence and hatred. He has got plenty of other lyrics to choose from.

“I think he realises singing songs advocating hate and violence just won’t wash any more. Society’s moved on in the last 10 years.”

OutRage! Have also collared dancehall stars such as Buju Banton and Sizzla for what they allege to be homophobic lyrics that incite hatred and violence against gays. Both artists have in response cancelled shows in the U.K.

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By Gary Cosby

X-Factor Joe: I’m not Gay!

Well you could knock us down with a pink boa. X-Factor winner Joe McElderry has quashed the ‘is he or isn’t he?’ rumours by confirming he’s…straight (?!).

Despite mincing his way through 25  X-factor episodes the 18 year old Geordie star says he fancies ‘Kylie’ (ahem) but doesn’t have time for girls at the moment (double ahem).

Who cares? We love him anyway and our arms are open should he suddenly bust out of a closet. In fact we could do a lot worse than having a squeaky clean gay role model for a change – that duet with Georgina Michael was a tad cringifying it must be said!

According to The Mirror the X-Factor star has suffered homophobic bullying since an early age (and there’s one thing for sure: kids just always know – ok ok we’ll let up! Call it wishful thinking!).

Former girl friend Carly Dilbert, now a bar maid in McElderry’s home town of South Shields, said “Joe was brought up by his mum, his nan and his auntie and all his friends were girls. I suppose it made him a bit more effeminate and sensitive than most guys. People thought he was gay, but we knew the truth.

Currently battling it out with Rage Against The Machine for the Xmas No.1 McElderry brushed off the gossip with a smile “I’m straight. I’ve had girlfriends, but I don’t have one right now. I haven’t slept with anyone, but I’m a young lad and I’m concentrating on my music.

“I know I’ll probably get offers but – for me – it’s all about the singing for now.”


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by Gary Cosby

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