Gay Story: Mama Gloria Starts a Charm School and Becomes Mother Figure to LGBT Youth in Chicago

A transgender OAP has set up a charm school in Chicago to pass on her years of experience living as a woman.

66 year old retired nurse, Gloria Allen, was inspired to kick off the service during regular lunch meetings with other Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender senior citizens at her local community centre. She noticed the young people that used the centre, which offers services to the LGBT community, dressed and acted inappropriately.

She has set out to guide the kids out by passing on what she has learned through her life experiences. Now, at the centre, “Mama Gloria” gives classes dedicated to everything from how to dress and how to carry yourself to staying healthy and applying make-up.

The oldest of 14 children and daughter of a 1950’s centerfold model, Gloria lived as a woman from the age of 24, getting tips on how to behave and dress in a womanly fashion from the female members of her family. She gathered more tricks-of-the-trade from older transgender women around her.

Things were probably a bit tougher for Gloria living on the South Side of Chicago around the time she had her gender reassignment surgery at the age of 37. She has used her life’s journey, the adventures and pitfalls, to school the teens she teaches.

Here at Maleforce we take our hats off to Mama Gloria taking on the role surrogate of mother to young LGBT who may not have people around to help them through the ups and downs of growing up, exploring their sexuality and seeking out their identity.

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Adam Levine Strips for Male Cancer Awareness

If there’s one thing we like better than a hot, tattooed rock star it’s a hot tattooed rock star naked! And even better if it’s for a good cause. We’re extremely happy to report that Maroon 5 fitty, Adam Levine, has been snapped naked to raise awareness about male cancer.

The photos, taken in support of Everyman – The UK’s leading prostate and testicular cancer campaign – appear in the February edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. Cosmopolitan UK has long been a supporter of the Everyman campaign, regularly featuring hot male celebrities in the buff.

Past centrefolds have included Lenny Kravitz, Ewan McGregor, Eminem and, the gay chat team’s personal favourite, Welsh rugby hunk Gavin Henson. Amazing!

Most importantly, Everyman’s mission is to stamp out testicular and prostate cancer. Launched in 1997, the charity seeks to raise awareness about male cancer and raise funds to research treatments. It runs a variety of campaigns, initiatives and adverts to remind men that regular self-examinations, and the early treatment of cancer are essential.

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men aged 15-44. With treatment, it has an overall cure rate of 97%. The success rate is even higher if caught early enough – hence why awareness is key.

Prostate cancer kills one man every hour in the UK and has overtaken lung cancer as the most common cancer in men. Despite advances in research, little is known about what causes it or how it develops. We do know that the incidence of male cancer is rising rapidly, yet we don’t know why.

So it’s hats off to Adam for being the latest bit of buff to get his baubles out for the boys.

We’ve had a hot spot for the gorgeous Mr. Levine ever since “This Love” – a smash hit for his band Maroon 5 – way back in 2002! Since then, the group have gone on to sell millions of albums all over the world.

A staunch supporter of gay rights (can this guy get any more adorable?), he was one of the first celebrities to post a video to the “It Gets Better Campaign”. And in 2008 when asked by LGBT news magazine The Advocate as to what kind of guys he’d like if he were gay, he quipped: “Oh, there are beautiful men out there… every male secretly wants to have sex with Brad Pitt, but that’s a given.” What-a-tease!

To find out more about prostate and testicular cancer we recommend visiting:

Maroon 5’s latest album “Hands All Over” is available on iTunes. The February edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine is out now.

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Gym and tonic, anyone?

If the Xmas food fest has left you feeling like an over stuffed turkey, you’re not alone! Come January most of us are thinking about detox diets and making a beeline for the nearest gym. If you’re currently feeling like a bloated Mr. Blobby here are some terrific tips to help get your gay chat stats back on track!

Turn fat to fuel

Actually, it isn’t so bad that you packed a little padding over the festive period – fat, in fact, provides the energy we need for exercise. It also provides a cushion and insulation for your inner organs and helps distribute vitamins A, D, E and K through the body. Fat builds up when we consume more calories than we use (scoffing and lying around on the sofa all Xmas!). So what are you waiting for? Get to the gym! You have all the fuel you need to turn your flab into fab!

Pump up the volume

Music is a great motivator. Studies show that working out to uptempo rhythms can boost performances in the gym considerably.  Duffy’s “Mercy” clocks in to the ideal tempo bracket in which to work out: 120 – 150 bpm (beats per minute). Got a smartphone, iPod or MP3 player? Then why not download some high-energy-work-out toons to help you zap the fat? Top tracks for the treadmill include Don’t Stop The Music by Rhiana (122 bpm), Just Dance by Lady GaGa (119 bpm), and our personal favourite, Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas (130 bpm).

Detox your diet

Ok. Enough’s enough…step away from the Xmas chocolate box, it’s time to detox! We all know that healthy eating and working out works wonders on the waistline. Cut down on alcohol, caffeine and processed foods in your diet. Add plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Yeah, you’ve heard all that before, but it works! It’ll help get you back to buff in no time!

Make it personal

Personal trainers are no longer exclusive to celebs and super models. If you need a nudge, just one session with a certified fitness coach could put you back on track and improve your gym technique. Being results focused, personal trainers will encourage you to work out efficiently, achieving maximum results in minimum time. They’ll also kick your ass (if need be) around a circuit. Helpful.

Book a break

If there’s one thing that’ll get you back to the gym and keep you there, it’s a summer holiday. There are some great New Year deals out there. So what better incentive to bring the sexy back? Try on last year’s Aussie Bums, stand in front of the mirror and take a long look at yourself. It maybe all the motivation you need to jump on the treadmill and get that tush back to toned, taut and tasty!

Oh, and don’t forget the Maleforce gay app works everywhere….why not check in to your local gym?…you just mind find yourself a hot new work out buddy!

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U.S. Government funds gay cruise bar sex study

The U.S. Government is injecting $400,000 in to research to help find out why gay men have risky sex when drunk. It is hoped the study will help develop venue-based initiatives to help deter unsafe sexual behaviour.

The two year study, overseen by the National Institute of Health is being conducted with the help of six gay bars in Buenos Aires.

Why bars and clubs in the Argentinean capital were chosen isn’t entirely clear, however according to an online abstract of the study “Targeting public venues in Buenos Aires where men meet, alcohol is consumed, and sexual behavior occurs, the goal of this 2-year exploratory study is to understand the various factors that contribute to the creation of a high risk sexual space…While the cost of treatment for HIV is covered by the government, programs in HIV prevention are limited.”

The study which began in September 2008 focuses on a specific types of circumstance that leads to unsafe sex occurring “..although there has been much research on venues, alcohol use, and sexual risk behaviour, no studies have sought to understand the interaction between these three factors, an essential step in developing interventions that target HIV risk behaviour in these settings.”

A recent report quotes NIH officials as saying “the study is doing valuable work to address high HIV infection rates among homosexual men in Argentina, and that plans developed there could be translated for use in the United States and elsewhere”.

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By Gary Cosby

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