I’m sorry Mrs Bachmann, this is for real!

For the past 100 years we have used the term ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’, although I would say that when you’re a presidential candidate and you’re receiving so much bad press; this can’t be a good thing.

Last week it was announced that nine students have committed suicide over the past two years inMinnesota, the state which Michelle Bachman represents. Yet, her own views of homosexuality are tainted – to say the least, and therefore has not (and I doubt will ever) spoken out for gay and human rights.

I reported a few weeks ago that her husband is running a Christian clinic that says they can “cure” gays and in Michelle’s own words, that homosexuality is “sexual dysfunction”.

Since Michelle entered the race for the Presidency; she has refused to talk about her stance on gay rights. Is she ashamed of how she feels? More likely, she must realise that this is not the way to win a lot of people’s votes and although there is still a lot of discrimination in theUS, I’m sure there are a lot more who believe human beings have a right to be themselves.

Children in her State are now dead after killing themselves because the pressure of bullying had led them to believe that there is no way out. And for what? Because they were gay, or at least perceived to be gay by their fellow students? Those poor children felt they had no one to turn to for help and no where to go except six feet under. But when the State has someone like Michelle Bachmann representing it, it’s no wonder they would feel trapped. When your governor is telling you that being gay is wrong, that is surely going to rub off to the schools, parents and children.

As a gay teen, trying to come to terms with your sexuality is never easy and you can feel alone and vunerable. No amount of “It Gets Better” videos can help when you’re the one who has to live through this every day and everyone around you is so anti-you! Being shouted out, punched and segregated because of there’s something inside you that can’t be changed regardless of what people say. If gay was a choice, does anyone really believe that these kids would choose suicide over being straight? Michelle Bachmann surely does and we know that her husband does; so how can anyone that narrow-minded be representing one of the fifty States, let alone be running for President?

Being a UK citizen, it is sometimes hard to follow the politics of the United States (I barely follow my own country’s) and so it was with great joy that today I learned about Nancy Pelosi, a super-politician who has been lobbying for gay rights for many years.Nancyis the Minority Leader for the House of Representatives and is currently the highest ranking female Politian in American History. She also lives inSan Franciscowhich is my favourite place in the world and probably the most out and proud gay city on the planet. We here at Gay Chat Towers are already a huge fan of Nancy Pelosi.

In an interview with leading gay magazine The Advocate,Nancycalled for Mrs Bachmann to address the teen suicides in her State. But will she? Bachmann has already criticised the anti bullying legislation saying “there have always been bullies, always have been, always will be.” Oh darling, you were so a cheerleader at High School and the one doing the bullying weren’t you?

But this isn’t just petty name-calling; this is harassment and mental torture leading to death. Surely even she should be able to see this?

Nancyalso talked about the Bachmann’s alleged “gay cure” clinics; “You know, 20 years ago somebody might ask; does it work? I think today, people are asking; why would you want to have somebody be who they aren’t?”

And I think that really does reflect where the world is at the moment. For the majority of us, we are desperately all trying to bring human rights to the forefront and see the good in people whatever their skin colour, sexuality or background. There will always be those who shout and scream to repress these changes, and unfortunately these are the ones that gain the most exposure. But we have to look at the effects of that exposure; does it gain more support for their cause, or does it – as I suspect – turn people away from them and see expose them for the inhuman monsters they really are?

Only time will tell what people really think. If Michelle Bachmann does get chosen to lead the Republican Party in the race forAmerica’s top spot, then I will admit that I was wrong and we really are in bad shape.

The Michelle Bachmanns of this world should never be in a position of power when human beings and the lives of our friends, family and children are at stake. Confusing people with power and religion to turn on their fellow man or woman is simply disgusting and perhaps there should be a regulatory comity that prevents such people ever getting this far in life let alone with a shot to be the most powerful person in the world!

Instead of “In God We Trust” shouldn’t it be changed to “In People We Trust”?

Terry Gee


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