Happy Monday

Today at Gay Chat Towers we are having a happy Monday. There has been so much pain and suffering in the news lately that we thought Monday needed some love.

This isn’t to take away from what’s been happening in Norway or with the troubled singer Amy Winehouse at all; but with the news clogged up with death and despair and then for me to be late to work today as there was a fatality on the train line this morning, I know I needed some happy news – as I’m sure many people do today.

For the first happy story of the day, it’s over to New York which as of yesterday becomes the sixth state to legalise same-sex marriage. When I think of New York I imagine high rise buildings, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park; but I have to remind myself – that’s only Manhattan. The state of New York is huge (in fact, the largest State to sanction gay marriage) and even encompasses Niagara Falls on the border of Canada. That’s where outspoken gay right activist Kitty Right tied the knot with her partner Cheryle Rudd just after midnight yesterday when the law came into effect. What a place to get married! The sound of the falls, the smiling faces of family and friends and your loved one on your arm. It sounds idyllic – especially as Niagara Falls was lit up in rainbow colours to mark the day in glorious celebration!

In Manhattan, people were literally lining the streets to say their vows. There were of course protestors, but none were disruptive to any of the hundreds of celebrations. With such focus on the prominent US state, I wonder how long it will be for the rest of America to follow suit and of course the UK.

And it’s all gay under the Obama regime. The 44th President has nominated openly gay attorney Michael W. Fitzgerald to the federal court in Los Angeles. Fitzgerald becomes the fourth openly gay judicial candidate appointed by Obama in the past 18 months – and why shouldn’t he? I know this is getting a lot of press at the moment because no president has ever sided so closely to the gay community before – but this is simple human rights. We are all human, regardless of our sexuality and therefore demand the same rights as everyone else.

It’s no wonder that Barack Obama gets so much stick for his time in office, but I say good on him. It’s about time someone with real power showed the rest of the world that there is nothing wrong with being gay and we are just the same as everyone else… well, maybe with just a little more style and comedy timing!

Speaking of which; Geeks have gone through a drastic transformation over the past few years. When I was at school, to be outed as a geek was as bad as having a sign around your neck saying “please hit me!”. I was already outed as gay at the age of 13 in school, so to come out as a gay geek could have meant the loss of my favourite Disney folder! But as we’ve grown as a society, the majority of us have noticed that we are all geeks in our own way; our fascination with Apple products would make us a geek, our addictions to TV shows and computer games and of course our love of films and film franchises. (TV show Glee also helped this along with their ‘Gleek’ campaign.) It’s now cool to be a gay geek and the styles seem to be reflecting this fact – or maybe it’s just becoming more accepted to be whoever you want to be?!?

One film franchise that has gets most people moist (ok, maybe just the geeks again) at the briefest mention of a sequel is Jurassic Park. After the third film we were promised a fourth but with the untimely death of writer Michael Crichton came the news that it wouldn’t be made. For the past ten years we have listened to rumours of a sequel, constantly checked IMDB and watched countless fan-made trailers on YouTube (or is that just me?) but still no real news. That was until last weekend. Whilst promoting his new film Tin Tin at Comic Con, director Steven Spielberg announced that he will be making the highly anticipated Jurassic Park 4. “We have a story. We have a writer who is writing the treatment and hopefully we are going to make Jurassic Park 4 in all of our foreseeable futures, hopefully in the next two or three years” Steven announced.

But if you can’t wait to get your fix of cloned dinosaurs, the blu-ray of the original trilogy is out in October.

And for those of you who also thought she was extinct; Madonna is currently in studio recording her 12th album. I feel at this point I must address her royal highness, the Queen of Pop personally and give her some advice on behalf of all the frustrated gay men out there.

Madonna. If you read this, or your assistant does or someone you knew 12 years ago – please tell her to listen to us, the gay masses. Madonna, please stop trying to be Britney and look more towards Cher. You don’t have to lessen your musical style but your personal style should be more in keeping with a woman in her 50s. No more rapping with people half your age, no more out of tune break-beat and please no more leotards. If you want the fans back from Gaga (or at least on timeshare) you’ve got to reinvent yourself again, but this time for the people like me who have been buying your stuff since the 80s. I loved your music Madonna, but there has been nothing good since Confessions. You remember – the disco album you did in 2005? Think who your real fans are and who has the money to keep you going. Stop trying to pick up the tweens and look to the 30+ generation. We are your bread and butter – we always have been – and hopefully you can give us something to spread on it and enjoy.

Was Madonna recording her next album happy news? Only time will tell!

Terry Gee.


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